LIFOSOL solar collectors are produced from correct materials and modern production methods. The main feature of the products is their long durability and high efficiency. They are produced in two different series in order to give the most effective results in different climatic conditions.

A Series Solar Collectors

This model has full plate, laser welded ,blue selective absorber, anodized aluminium frame and temperred solar glass. Back insulation is rock wool. A series solar collectors absorbs both direct sunlight and diffuse radiation therefore they are the right choice for climates where very high efficiency is preferred.

GROSS AREA 1,76 m²2,31 m²2,66 m²
DIMENSIONS1916 x 916 mm1961 x 1176 mm 2261 x 1176 mm
WEIGHT26 kg36 kg40 kg
TRANSPARENT COVERTempered Solar Glass Tempered Solar Glass Tempered Solar Glass
ABSORBERHigh selective Al High selective Al High selective Al
ABSORPTION α sol – EMISSION ε 100°C95% – 5% 95% – 5% 95% – 5%
WELDING TYPE Laser Laser Laser
TUBESCopper Copper Copper
INSULATION rock wool rock wool rock wool
BACKSHEET Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
MOUNTING OPTIONS Flat roof, pitched roof Flat roof, pitched roof Flat roof, pitched roof